Sunday, June 10, 2018

48 Years Later, This Zeppelin Fan Hadn't Yet Forgiven Me, Not That I Want to Be Forgiven

I wanted to share with you some comments I just saw on my Soundcloud page, which I rarely visit. Their author is one Cameron Burns, who, 48 years after the fact, remained very displeased with me for having written disparagingly in Rolling Stone of Led Zeppelin’s second album and seems to enjoy my own music rather less than I would hope. He refers to my own group, Christopher Milk. His remarks are unedited.

Thanks for being in touch, Cam! With someone like you on their side, Zeppelin need never worry that their legacy has ceased to be etched in eternity. 

·       on I'll Lay My Dusty Placard Down

give up... your horrible. nobody listens to this shit anyways... old Japanese saying SAVE FACE you moron
Posted 1 year ago1 year
·       on The Hero
hero to nobody. hey hows christpopher and the dick milkers doing??? selling lots of records? didnt think so. Get on Zeppelins level you twat
Posted 1 year ago1 year
·       on Boytoy
You had some strong words to say about pages playing.... and yet you can barely play a fuckin guitar yourself. get some chops you joke
Posted 1 year ago1 year
·       on Departure Day
Wake me up when this shit is over and never play it again
Posted 1 year ago1 year
you suck. this music all sounds the same. get out of the box your trapped in... ITS SHIT
Posted 1 year ago1 year
·       on Cipramil
your voice sounds like old people fucking - a bitter excuse at that
Posted 1 year ago1 year
·       on The Nightmare of Xmas
This isn't even music its just an old fuck with a tape recorder and an internet connection
Posted 1 year ago1 year
this is horrible, unimaginative, lacks creativity and musical premise. Maybe take a page out of that best blues guitarist between 5'4 and 5'8.