Tuesday, March 16, 2010

The Rancid Mist of Permissiveness

The students of Itawamba County Agricultural High School in Fulton, Mississippi, won’t be having a prom this year. For this they can thank the chipmunk-cheeked little brat Constance McMillen, who’d threatened to attend the event in a tuxedo, and with her girlfriend, and the ACLU, who of course peed all over themselves in their haste to chip away at yet another brick in the fabric of American life. But even more than little brat Constance and the American Coalition of Loathsome Undesirables, as I think of them, the poor kids of Itawamba County can thank the permissiveness that’s settled over our culture like a rancid mist the past 40 years or so.

Really, were our lives so awful back before shenanigans of this sort became commonplace? So there weren’t a lot of dark faces on television; was that really such a tragedy? Was The Honeymooners less funny because Art Carney wasn’t whatever they like to be called nowadays? Was I Love Lucy less funny because the Latino guy in it wasn't swarthy, but the light-skinned European type?

A person knew where they stood back then. Nobody cared if you were queer so long as you had the common decency to keep quiet about it, or stuck with one of the traditionally homosexual occupations, like hairdressing, female impersonation, interior decoration, or the theatre, and stayed out of sight of decent, God-fearing neighbors. You didn’t ruin the lives of your classmates in those days by threatening to come crossdressed to the prom with one of your own sex!

Honestly, what did this McMillen brat imagine she and her so-called girlfriend were going to do if the Itawamba County school district hadn’t cancelled the prom altogether to keep her from making a mockery of it? How many glasses of punch can anybody stand around sipping over the course of an evening? Surely she couldn’t have imagined that she and her date were going to dance! Even if the sight of two people of the same sex dancing together hadn’t made the band stop in disgust — or the DJ, if there was no band, run out to the parking lot to puke — do you suppose any of the other kids would have stayed on the dance floor with them? I sure don’t! And who wants to be alone on the dance floor, being glared at by everybody?

I’ll tell you who: homosexual exhibitionists!

But don’t they just stick together these days, the perverts and discontents and so-called persons of color and so-called progressives? Hardly had CNN reported little McMillen’s assault on decency than this apparently homo-run Website called toxic.com started raising money for an unofficial prom, with an anonymous donor (big surprise that he, she, or he/she won’t face the music!) promising to match up to the first $25,000.

Take some small consolation in the fact that Elton John probably wouldn’t walk across one of his living rooms for $50,000, let alone fly to Fulton, Mississippi. The little brats will have to settle for the guy from 'N Sync, or the one from Judas Priest, or some really lame country band from Jackson murdering the hits of Carrie Underwood. And yes, I do indeed recognize that allowing the guy from Judas Priest, a known devil-worshipper, to entertain impressionable children would very much be a case of jumping out of the frying pan and into the fire.

It really galls me that nobody’s offering a dime in matching funds for all the decent hard-working normal kids in Itawamba County who dropped out of school at 15, long before they’d even had a chance to consider going to any fancy prom, because they’d gotten their first cousins pregnant and had to get a job at the Tast-T-Freez to afford diapers, snuff, formula, and beer, and to pay the rent on the trailer.

I’ll tell you what’s going to happen if we keep encouraging selfish little brats who don’t seem to want to recognize their responsibility to reproduce: we’re going to come to be seriously outnumbered by, for instance, Indians (not the good kind, who run casinos or drink themselves into unconsciousness, but the creepy ones with red dots on their foreheads and a knack for IT), and the unthinkable will become entirely too thinkable. Give these brats their way and I wouldn’t be surprised if in our lifetimes we’re in debt to the Chinese or something!

I call on all right-thinking readers to deposit funds into my Paypal account immediately to stem this appalling tide of depravity!

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  1. Ha, very amusing, John. I suspect the little brat is going to enjoy life as a heroine to many. Must have taken some steely nerve to stand up for herself in such a nasty environment.