Saturday, October 25, 2014

World Series Update!

What a wonderful Cialis commercial! The guy mugging with the pretty brunette in the old-fashioned photobooth in the first half of the commercial is the same guy who drives up to a romantic overlook to watch porn (I’m guessing) — on her iPad or Android equivalent, propped up on the dashboad —with an even prettier blonde! A Bill Clinton-esque horndog, this guy, and one, presumably, for whom the promised four-hour erection will come in handy! My own takeaway: gals love stubble!

Cutest sight of the series so far, and perhaps the cutest sight in World Series history: Giants third baseman Pablo Sandoval going to the mound to confer with relief pitcher Jean Machi [both depicted right]. It's a miracle there's room in AT&T Park for the camera to pull back far enough to get both of them in the frame!

Naturally, broadcaster Joe Buck pronounces Jean as though speaking of Ms. Harlow. God forbid an American broadcaster would do a foreign player the honor of pronouncing his name properly! But of course I am not as outraged as in the early ‘60s, when the second of the Giants’ Alou brothers, J├ęsus, became Jay for fear of listeners thinking that the Lord Thy God’s son’s name was being taken in vain.

Am I alone in having noticed that Ned Yost and Dave Righetti are the same person, albeit in different uniforms? How he is able to run back and forth between the two dugouts and change so quickly is unknown to me. I don’t know everything!

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