Tuesday, August 18, 2015

An Evening With the Trump People

It’s bad, folks. There are indeed functioning American adults who regard Donald J. Trump as a viable presidential candidate, who hear him say he'll make Mexico pay for that giant wall of his and think to themselves, "Hey, this guy makes a lot of sense!". But it isn’t quite as bad as I feared. Some of them understand xenophobia, racism, and sexism to be undesirable. How they can simulatenously be enthusiastic about Trump and disdain xenophobia, racism, and sexism baffles me. But I’ll leave you to your own observations.

Last night, I started a discussion on one of the Trump for President Facebook pages by noting, “There's been a lot of discussion about the huge cost of mass deportation. I believe that one of President Trump's first official acts should be to authorize NRA members and open-carry advocates to shoot on sight anyone they hear speaking Spanish or otherwise manifesting illegalness. Let the streets run with their blood, say I! Let's make America great again!”

The following exchange of views ensued:

Brianne Marie Kirschner Almost a great idea only then we are left with cleaning up the mess it will have cost us much less in the long run to deport and if they want to gain citizen ship I believe they must be willing to also serve in our country's military that will provide the boots on the ground to cover the war against Isis , but not only must they be willing they must be qualified for the PT to join

Melissa Rebuck Wow. Ok. A little racist don't you think? I'm white, American and speak Spanish. Gonna shoot me?

Crystal Denise Byrd Ok no. Please hush.

John Mendelssohn Not if you don't speak it in public, Melissa. And you look pretty hot in your picture. I    can't imagine that President Trump is going to authorize the assassinations of hotties. There aren't enough as it is!

Melissa Rebuck Wow. Racist and sexist. My new favorite idiot.

Shane Smith Whoa, you are now the biggest idiot I have come across this month.
Michael D Vellian psychopath

John Mendelssohn Perhaps you'll be good enough to explain to me what's so objectionable about appreciating a hot woman. Do you suppose future President Trump doesn't? As for you reckless racism charge, maybe you'll be good enough to explain to me how I'm any more racist than he is. It so happens that I have a Mexican friend, Jesus, though you have to be careful how you pronounce that. Hey-SOOCE.

Melissa Rebuck Amen Shane, and I'm a bartender, I see a lot of stupid

John Mendelssohn Unclear what you're saying, Michael. Are you self-identifying as a psychopath? I hope not, but if so, I think they have medications now to treat that sort of thing.

Melissa Rebuck Oooh...the I have a ______ friend excuse. Shoot anyone speaking Spanish and let their blood flow in the streets? You're a special kind of idiot aren't you? Done. No point arguing with someone with no brain

Crystal Denise Byrd Please someone remove him from the group. He's just wanting an argument. frown emoticon. Sad you exist fellow.

Michael D Vellian I'm calling you a psychopath. You're also xenophobic or more likely a liberal thinking he's clever by trying to troll Trump pages.

Melissa Rebuck I'm just hoping this is satire, or sarcasm.

Crystal Denise Byrd Let's post fun pics and ignore him!

At which point my new friends let fly a barrage of cute and other images intended to express their distaste for my sexism, racism, and xenophobia. I found that a little bit heartening. 

Trump supporters write really awful English. I don't think it's significantly worse than non-Trump supporters'.


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