Friday, December 29, 2017

At Play Among the Trumpists

I have a fervently right-wing friend, PC. We remain friends because, although I disagree with pretty much everything he says, I respect that he does a lot of reading and listening, and knows his stuff, however wrong the conclusions he may draw. A couple of nights ago, he was excited about Nikki Haley proclaiming at the UN that Fucko the Klown (aka Donald Trump) would take personally any country not endorsing his decision to recognise Jerusalem as the Israeli capital. A fun exchange of views ensued! [I have, of course, edited the thread to make myself appear wittier and more exotic than I really am.] TF is PC's friend, and apparently the sort of fervent right-winger who doesn't do a lot of reading and listening, and who doesn't realise when he's being teased. 

TF Is there anything better than a PATRIOTIC WOMAN standing up to the corrupt UN?

Anything would be better - to a leftist malcontent. :-) 

Mendel Illness You rang? Isn't Ms. Haley the one who called for Fucko the Klown to answer the multiple allegations of sexual harassment? I can't imagine you superpatriots being very pleased about that!

Yes she is. She also said if any of those women have hard evidence, let them pony up. Don't waste our time with he said she said.

“Allegations” is the key word
Mendel Illness Gotcha. You right wing fanatics will settle for nothing less than wet semen, right? Let's get Franken to resign on the basis of allegations, the key word, but find mere allegations, the key word, quite insufficient in the case of one who has bragged openly about his history of sexual assault. As noted, gotcha.

But of course, whom will you believe? Some cheap little bimbo, or the president of the greatest country in the history of geography, whose word one can always take to the bank?

John, it was senate democrats who urged Franken's resignation. That said, please tell me you don't subscribe to the lynch mob mentality that would allow ANYONE to be forced from office on allegations alone.
Mendel Illness I don't subscribe to the lynch mob mentality that would allow ANYONE to be forced from office on allegations alone. I do have to wonder, though, about...what is it now, 20?...women having claimed that Fucko assaulted them. And you've always been perfectly willing to waive the presumption of innocence when it's someone on the left accused. Ladies and gentlemen, hello and welcome to another edition of The Pete Castle Double Standards Show with tonight's musical guests, folk singer Ted Fuentes and the Make America Great Again Singers.

I don’t like folk music. I like ass kicking music like metal
Mendel Illness Me too! Rock ON, dewed! You know, Pete used to like that sort of thing too, what I call the 32nd-note-triplet-at-the-top-of-the-fretboard school of guitar playing, until he became the most in-demand jazz session guy on the West Coast. Now it's nothing but 13ths and 17ths. Sometimes, when it's 31sts, he has to recruit a member of the audience to come up and help with the D string.

Now me, I've never had a music lesson in my life. Everything I have achieved, and I think my mantelful of awards tells the story better than I could ever hope to, I have achieved solely on the strength of my extraordinary native musicality. Everything just comes naturally to me!

It's a lot like I am socially. I mean, I just have a knack for making people like me. I've always had it. Call it charisma, if you must.

Spoken like a true liberal...tell us how great you really are. I think you’re selling yourself shot [sic]. I just counted 12 me’s and l’s in your previous two posts
Mendel Illness As for your counting me's and I's, Ted, that's bad news for me. I and a mutual acquaintance I won't embarrass by identifying had a bet that you could count no higher than nine, on a good day. I now owe him lunch at The Sizzler. Thanks very much! And can we please remember that there's no TIME without I'm? 

And yes, how like a liberal, speaking of his own greatness. You'd never catch one putatively on the right, but actually nowhere at all, like Donald J. Trump, indulging in that sort of thing! He has too much dignity!

TF Yes you sound a lot like him, with very little success to compare

Mendel Illness Exactly right, Ted. He is A Successful Businessman! Over the course of his career, he has turned an inheritance that would be worth $12 billion if he'd invested in Blue Chip stocks and played golf for 40 years into a $3 billion fortune, and declared bankruptcy, damaging the fuck out of many creditors, many times? Three? Oh, the greatness of the man!

He got a loan of 1 million from his dad. I would do the same thing for my kids if I had the money.
Mendel Illness Now THAT made a world of sense! And the fact is that you DON'T have the money, Ted, because, rather than A Successful Businessman, you are a Trumpist crackpot who wouldn't detect Irony if it were delivered to him in a big box labeled "Fragile! Irony!"

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