Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Sra(h) Smiles, Part 19: His Truth Goes Marchin' On

Boy, is this a perfect example of what we common-sense conservatives are up against, or what? According to the The Department of Defense’s Comprehensive Working Group’s just-released report on "Don't Ask, Don't Tell," we ought to entrust the protection of our precious American liberties to unashamed homosexuals.

Great idea, Obamarxists! Nearly as great, I might venture to observe, as nationalizing the healthcare, automaking, and banking industries, snatching away the freedom that Americans (at least the white ones) have enjoyed since time immemorial, raising everybody’s taxes, forcing our schoolchildren to attend school on Saturday, but forbidding them to pray, and spending countless tens of thousands of dollars to fly Michelle Obama over to India to shop for saris.

Just picture it. A platoon, or whatever you call them (my emotional problems precluded my serving my country in Vietnam, desperate though I was to do so) of soldiers in Afghanistan has a skirmish schedule the following morning with al-Qaeda. What would you rather have them listening to in their Humvees on the way to battle — Slayer, on the one hand, or Lady Gaga? Which do you suppose will make them more intent on wasting the enemy? And how about if, on the way to the battleground, one of the so-called gay soldiers, made indiscreet by the atmosphere of foreboding inside the Hummer, blurts out to one of his normal buddies that he’s in love with him? The normal soldier’s natural reaction would be to beat the guy comatose, but what effect will his doing in the crowded Hummer have on morale? And if he doesn’t inflict a merciless beating, his buddies are going to be trying to think what he did to arouse the so-called gay one, instead of about their mission. Meanwhile, al-Qaeda, who summarily behead anyone they learn to be "gay", lesbian, bisexual, or transgendered, are perfectly focused. Our boys are at a frightful disadvantage!

I remember in the 1980s a supposedly authoritative scientific report was published suggesting that pornography didn’t, as had long been taken as a given, inspire much depraved behavior beyond viewing it in the first place. It took Ronald Reagan’s brave attorney general, Ed Meese, to dismiss this report as contrary to common sense, and then to toss together one of his own that reconfirmed folks’ existing prejudices. That is unmistakably what is called for now. When we know from the Holy Bible that God regards homosexuals as abominators (and note how much that sounds like Obamanators!), why do we pay a moment’s attention to the “finding” that 70 percent of the very young, and thus easily misled, people who wear our armed services’ uniforms wouldn’t mind their so-called gay buddies “coming out”?

All of which leads to a talk I’ve been hoping we could have. We know, from the fact that we are richer, mightier, and generally a lot better-looking than all others (except for maybe the Scandinavians, but who cares when there are so few of them?) that we are God’s favorite country. And yet, under the so-called leadership of a foreign-born crypto-Muslim whose main exposure to Christianity has been via a Chicago pastor who’s a lot more about hating white folk than loving Jesus we keep our most favored nation in jeopardy by refusing to declare ourselves a Christian country.

To whom does this — can this — make sense? It’s been clear from the outset, when the Founding Fathers paused regularly in drafting the Constitution for Bible study sessions, that this country has always been all about Jesus. That the Founding Fathers generously said it was OK for others to practice whatever weird religions they liked serves only to teach us that nobody’s perfect! Over the course of the past decade we’ve seen all too clearly where tolerating other religions gets us!

Though by law we’ll have to wait until January 2013, the time to put in charge someone who makes no bones about her love for Jesus is right now. His truth goes marchin’ on, with Sarah keeping pace, prettily, prettily!

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