Sunday, April 3, 2016

Shitting Down My Neck for Freedom!

Yesterday I got in a wee shouting match with one who thinks Secretary Clinton a really wonderful presidential candidate, as I do not. Pledging (as one says at a moment like this) to “fight back to back” for Secretary Clinton against those of us who prefer Bernie Sanders, he invoked his service in Vietnam. I thanked him for his service (as one does at such a moment, albeit usually far less sarcastically), and mused that the world was surely a much better place for it. In response, he sputtered something about how if I were to mock a current member of Our Armed Forces, he (his chosen pronoun) would surely rip my head off and shit down my neck.

My inference was that homicidal violence is an appropriate response to an expression of a point of a view different from one’s own. Or maybe that response is permitted only Those Who Serve in deference to their putting themselves in mortal jeopardy to Protect Our Freedoms.

Perhaps the most important of which, as I’ve always understood it, is the freedom to express one’s self without fear of having his head pulled off.


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